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What time are students able to enter the building to start the school day?
-- Students enter the building to start their day from 8:50-9:20.

What time is dismissal?
-- Dismissal is from 3:45-4:10; if a bus is late we will post this on Chipperfield's Facebook and DoJo. 

What time do students arrive on a 2 hour delay?
-- Students enter the building 10:50-11:20. If students ride the bus, the bus will arrive 2 hours later than their normal time (example: if the bus typically arrives at 7:17 am on a normal day, on a 2 hour delay day the bus would arrive at 9:17 am).

Do students get breakfast on a 2 hour delay?
--Students will get a grab and go bag breakfast bag on a 2 hr delay day.

How do I put lunch money on my students lunch account?
--You can send cash or a check in with your Student or visit My School Bucks/download the My School Bucks App

What do I need to volunteer for the PTA or in the building?
-- You will need to complete your clearances and the volunteer packet; this will then need to be approved at the next board meeting. 
Volunteer Packet